Threefoot Building: Related Work

Meridian, Miss. Competitive negotiations are underway concerning the fate of the historic Threefoot Building in downtown Meridian. City officials say it could be three months or longer before a final deal on the project is announced.

As negotiations continue, city engineers are reporting good news regarding the potential for flooding in or near the building.

"Their determination was that in a 500-year flood the water would actually get up to the top of the gutters, and not even get on the sidewalks," says John McClure, community development director for the city of Meridian. "So, that was something that they wanted to hear; that was something that we wanted to hear, and that's something that the community needed."

To further improve conditions in the area near the Threefoot Building, McClure says there are also plans for some road work.

"The streets have been repaved over, and over, and over again," says McClure. "And if you'll look at them you'll see some parts of downtown, particularly in that area where the pavement comes up almost to the top of the curbs and the sidewalks. Of course, when you've got that situation, you don't have carrying capacity for the rain water. Part of this endeavor will include milling of the street, and then repaving, and so there'll be a much greater carrying capacity."

At this time an exact date for the start of that work has not been set.