Threefoot Cleanup Continues

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Meridian, Miss. This weekend marks another step for an iconic Meridian landmark as the Threefoot Preservation Society returned to the building to finish what it started.

The last time the Threefoot Preservation Society came together, it focused on the outside of the building and began work on the inside. This time around, members focused solely on the first floor.

"What we are doing is coming back in to kind of cleanup the first floor get everything that we forgot to get or didn't have enough time to finish the first time around," according to Elena Lopez Burnside with the Threefoot Preservation Society. "We had some extra rooms we were able to get unlocked, so we're in here now trying to get everything put together and cleaned up. We're just trying to finish what we started the first time."

Although the cleanup is still in the early phases, that doesn't stop the preservation society from taking great pride in the building and the work they are doing to preserve it.

"We are the stewards of this work and it is part of us and we are part of it," volunteer Suzanne Thompson. "It is a pleasure and an honor to be here doing this work today. I can't wait to see the next step."

Although organizers don't have an official date for when the group will continue its work into the upper floors of the building, the Threefoot Society believes that once it shows the city its work so far, the group will begin to work on the 2nd floor.