Threefoot Festival Teams up with Earth's Bounty

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Meridian, Miss. The streets of Downtown Meridian were flooded this weekend with people of all ages, as the picture perfect weather cooperated for the annual Threefoot Festival at City Hall. For the first time ever, Earth's Bounty and the Threefoot Arts Festival joined forces to make for an even bigger gathering.

"We're really excited for the turnout of the festival," said Executive Director for Meridian Council for the Arts Casey Null. "Obviously the Meridian Council for the Arts and Meridian joined up to have the Threefoot Festival and Earth's Bounty this year together. So instead of having two events in two locations, we're all together. I think it really helped with the crowd and having everyone come together this year."

In fact, the joining together this year created one of the biggest crowds that Earth's Bounty has ever seen.

"You know it's really hard to tell because the set up is so different," said Chairman of the Earth's Bounty Festival Maureen Lofton. "The other side is a more open field, here we are on a fairly narrow street. I would probably say without a doubt this is probably one of the biggest crowds we've ever had."

Earth's Bounty is held once a month during the growing season and with numerous vendors selling local produce lining the streets, there was plenty of fresh food to buy. There was even fresh cooked food for those who were looking for a bite to eat. As part of Go Green Meridian, the newly created Culinary Arts program at MCC joined up with Earth's Bounty to promote the school as well as a hold a cook competition with free food.

"We decided to be a part of this," said Culinary Instructor An Howard Hill. "I'm a part of Go Green Meridian and we work a lot with different organizations in the community trying to promote both the school and growth in the community. We decided to be a part of today with Go Green and the Sustanability Conference they're having at the Riley Center and our students are actually preparing the side dishes they are serving tonight."

Meridian's mayor even came out with his son to celebrate the beautiful weather and numerous events.

"My favorite part was actually beating my son in this game over there," said Mayor Percy Bland. "This bean bag toss game, that was my favorite part of the day. Junk food, my son loves this stuff, but I try to stay off of it."

With plenty of vendors to see, live music, and food to eat throughout the day, there was much fun to be had