Threefoot Fire Investigation Continues

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The scene on the corner of 22nd Avenue and 6th Street in Downtown Meridian Monday night was chaotic as a small fire broke out on the 12th floor of the Threefoot Building. Someone passing by the building noticed the flames and called 911 at 11:05 PM. The Meridian Fire Department was dispatched at 11:06, and arrived on the scene at 11:08. Meridian Fire Chief Anthony Clayton is thankful they didn't have to use heavy equipment to contain the fire, but says they were ready to do so if needed.

"You didn't have a lot of heavy flames shooting, so the Battalion Chief judged and sent up some extinguishers to that area, which was the 12th floor, and they went up with extinguishers, they got on the fire, and they put it out."

With the Threefoot Building in the heart of Downtown, a large fire in that building could impact several shops and banks in close proximity. While many business owners that did not want to appear on camera feel that something should be done with the property one way or another, Executive Director of Meridian Main Street John McClure says that the decline of the property isn't good for development.

"With this being such an important resource, we certainly don't want to lose it. We've lost too many historic assets over the years."

Police and Fire Investigators are still combing through evidence, and waiting for results to come back from the lab, so a final report could be anywhere from days to weeks away. Chief Clayton is not speculating on the case until he has the facts.

"We've got to compile the information. I know the media and I know the public wants to know what happened, and I would love to tell them what happened, but in the absence of concrete information, I don't know what happened, but I'm going to find out."