Threefoot Meeting Looks at Restoration Possibilities

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Meridian, Mississippi What to do with the Threefoot building is an issue that has been debated for many years.

You can't miss it when driving through downtown Meridian. The face of the Meridian skyline was built in the 1920's and thrived for decades before being abandoned in the 1990's. Now, members of a local group known as the Threefoot Preservation society are stepping up and discussing ways to find a use for the building.

"We're going to try to get more organizations involved from the community," Elliott Street says. "We're hoping to be able to bring other aspects of the arts community, as well as the educational community."

A fire on the 12th floor of the building in January of this year reignited conversation about what should be done with the skyscraper. At the time, Mayor Cheri Barry told Newscenter 11 the city of Meridian does not have money to renovate the building or tear it down. Barry said it would take an entrepreneur being willing to invest in the Threefoot in order for something to happen. Supporters of restoring the building tell us it has too much potential to remain empty.

"Well, to us, it's the landmark that is really the signature of downtown Meridian," Street explains. "And in fact, Meridian itself. And it'd be nice to know that it's going to be here forever."

The group plans to hold another meeting in about a month.