Threefoot Society Working Towards Important Deadline

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Meridian, Miss. For months now, local volunteers have been gathering to spruce up Meridian's tallest and most historic building, one floor at a time. Volunteers are now working to meet an important deadline.

The future continues to look bright for one historic building in Meridian. The Threefoot Preservation Society continues to make sure the Threefoot building gradually becomes more appealing both inside and outside to future investors. Whether it be through scraping paint off of old door frames or cleaning the floor, change continues to be seen according to one volunteer.

"There's been a difference on the inside of the building from when we first started," volunteer Chris Webster says. "And outside, there were weeds and things growing around the outside of the building. It has to make it a little more appealing"

Webster says that the vibe from the community continues to be a positive one as it continues to revive the Threefoot building back to its former beauty. Although there is still much work to be done, the plans are to have the first floor presentable to the public by April 1st, which would be the birthday of the building dating back to the first opening in 1930. The preservation society continues to make sure that the Threefoot building and its legacy will still be here for future generations and continue to be the heart of Meridian.

"If you care about your city you can make it better," according to Marilyn Hayes with the Threefoot Preservation Society. "You can keep it pristine, you can keep it nice, don't throw away your architecture, your heritage, because all these buildings down here that's our heritage and we need to keep it."

The Threefoot Preservation Society meets once a month at the Temple Theater ballroom in downtown Meridian. You can find out more by searching for the group on Facebook.