"Tomorrow's Another Day" in the Constant Struggle for Local Homeless Families

Meridian, Mississippi Tonight, there's been some progress for a Meridian non-profit agency trying to find shelter for dozens of homeless residents.

Earlier today the People's Charity Clinic office was full of homeless children and mothers who had nowhere to go. But tonight when we returned, the office was empty and homeless advocate Christie Rainer says they were able to find motel rooms for all of the families. Rainer has been scrambling for several days after a temporary shelter she was counting on could not be opened due to city ordinances. She says now the agency needs about $1,400.00 more to keep the families in motel rooms for another week. "We're just surviving day by day, trying to make sure that everybody's fed, and they are transported to where they need to be," said Rainer. "If it wasn't for U-Save Auto letting us use their vans, we would have never been able to transport these kids back and forth to school."

Rainer says three new homeless families showed up today needing help. If you'd like to help in any way, call the People's Charity at (601) 917-2673 or (601) 482-8442.