Tony Pasko, Part 2

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Pasko began contributing music to the show during its second season, and many of the instruments you hear, like slide guitar, banjo, and mandolin, he had never even played before, but it was his continued perseverance that led to his success.

"I started getting more and more into it, and the more I started figuring out the banjo and figuring out slide guitar and practicing, and working on that style of music and putting it on tape and sending it to them, the more they were like 'Yes, this is exactly what we think would make the show what it is or give it its feel.'"

While he enjoys playing rock music quite a bit, Pasko credits his extensive musical history to the fact that with a little work, he can play several different genres of music. He showcased that in a Christmas album that was released before his work with Duck Dynasty began.

"Every song on my Christmas CD is in a different musical style, and I did that on purpose to show off my musicianship. I have Jingle Bells that's in Bluegrass. I have Little Drummer Boy in the Band of Gypsys Style and Jimi Hendrix. I have another one that's done like Santana, so I did every song that's in a different musical style."

Pasko's ability to work with numerous different types of music was put to the ultimate test when producers wanted songs for a Christmas special, not just any songs, but ones in the style of Duck Dynasty.

"I had to start going back to my musical theory and really start scoring this stuff out, and then once I saw it on paper and scored it out I was like 'Oh, that's all this is.' And then I pertained it to the theory of how Bluegrass music is written, and then changed up the notes, and then it came out."

Duck Dynasty has been renewed for at least two more seasons. That's at least two more seasons of hearing Meridian's own Tony Pasko on the hit show, but that will definitely not be the last time you hear his wide variety of music on TV.

"Auction Hunters wants Rock, and dramatic, and Savage Family Diggers wants a completely different type of Rock music than Auction Hunters because they all want their own identity for the shows. I do Reef Wranglers which was on The Weather Channel, and I'm just now finishing up with Shark Week."

Pasko's passion for music has taken him from Chicago, around the world, to Meridian, Mississippi, and he plans to keep cranking out new tunes for the world to enjoy, even if they never see the man behind the music.