Tourism Director Speaks at Aldersgate

Meridian, Miss. Some residents at Aldersgate Retirement Community in Meridian learned more about activities happening in Meridian and Lauderdale County Tuesday.

Tourism director Dede Mogollon spread the word about all the initiatives that help bring visitors to the area. She talked about the newly-released carousel brochure that includes a downtown walking tour of all the carousel horses that are located in downtown Meridian. She says its important to let the seniors pass on information to their loved ones.

"They've been long-time Meridian residents. They know more about this community that I can ever know, but they've still got kids and grandkids, and they want them to know what's special and what there is to do out there now for them, so we want them to have that information," said Meridian and Lauderdale County tourism director Dede Mogollon."

"We want them to know the different things about Meridian, but we also do some fun things like bingo, have some smores and hot chocolate," said Lisa Lindley, the activities director of personal care at Aldersgate.

Tourism will focus on the musical heritage, civil war history and civil rights history of the area in the upcoming months.