Training Underway for Police and Fire Departments

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Lauderdale County, Miss. This week is a very busy time for the public safety training facility. Throughout the week they will be having multiple classes for both police and fire departments. The multitude of classes this week includes a trench rescue class and a fire instructor class.

James Fisher, the Training Chief says "This fire instructor class takes the firefighters and gives them a guidance to become instructors one day if they choose to go down that path. It is also a prerequisite for fire officer which is a prerequisite to becoming a captain."

While firefighters did their training, some of Meridian's finest were doing their regular qualifications out at the gun range. Carrying a lethal weapon comes with its own responsibilities and this training is vital to keep skills sharp and ensure public safety.

According to Senior Officer Chris Read "this is for all police officers. We do periodic training qualifications because it is such a big liability since we are entrusted to carry a lethal weapon, and if we have to use lethal force then we also have the training, and the background, and the paperwork."

Keep fire and police training so close together helps to build a strong working relationship.

The Director of Public Safety H.C. Bunky Partridge says "Well we go back to 9/11, we lost 343 firefighters at the world trade center and the reason was there was not a relationship between new York police department and new York fire department, there was lack of communication. So now what we have done is we are training together."