Training Held for Mississippi Scholars Program

Meridian, Miss.

The East Mississippi Business Development Corporation held a training session with business and community leaders for the Mississippi Scholars program Monday.

They went over the presentation that they will be delivered to 8th graders.

It's an opportunity for the students to prepare for college by taking a more rigorous curriculum in high school. Community service is also emphasized.

"What this does is encourage a more rigorous academic curriculum and what we're doing is bringing business and community leaders into the classroom to emphasize how important those things are to obtaining and maintaining good jobs in our community," said EMBDC education committee chairman, Kacey Bailey. "We think starting the conversation early is one way to get the information in front of them. We also think that by doing a program that is basically a step by step program that they have to achieve things each year so they have incremental accomplishments to reach that goal."

The Mississippi Scholars program rolls out in the spring of 2014.