Man Charged with Killing Three Relatives

An arrest has been made in a triple murder in Wayne County.

28-year-old Calvin Burroughs is accused of killing his mother, grandmother and a cousin.

The three shooting victims have been identified as: Carrie Lee Gillum, 73; Sandra Evon Trotter, 54; and Henderson Mitchell, Jr., 51.

The bodies were discovered after 7 a.m. Tuesday when authorities conducted a welfare check at a residence in the Pleasant Grove community.

"It was a shock to everybody," said Edna Willis, a friend of the family. "I don't think anybody was expecting it."

Dean Gray, a cousin of the accused, lives mere yards away from the house where the shootings took place. His brother was one of the victims.

Gray says when he left the house where the shootings happened about 8 p.m. Monday, people were playing cards there.

"About 10 minutes after 8 or 15, that's when I heard the three shots, but thought he (the suspect) was shooting at these cats out here," said Gray. "I started to go back over there, but I said, 'No, I ain't going over there'. But if I had gone back over there he probably would've gotten me too."

Around 7 a.m. Tuesday, Wayne County deputies went to the home of the suspect's grandmother to make a welfare check after she missed her doctor's appointment.

"He discovered that there were three deceased individuals in the kitchen area," said Wayne County chief investigator, Mike Mozingo.

Mozingo says all three had been shot with a handgun that deputies retrieved from the scene.

Mozingo said he found Burroughs hiding under the kitchen table and the suspect did not resist arrest.

Wayne County officials say Burroughs told them that he committed the murders because of a call that he made to a psychic hotline. During that call he says that he was told that all the people in the house had demons and that he had to kill them.

"He had a mental problem," said Gray. "I done took him to East Mississippi and Weems. One thing is that he wouldn't take his medicine like he was supposed to."

"I say he was sick, sick in the head," said Willis.

Relatives say they pleaded with Calvin Burroughs' mother and grandmother to get him help. Their disappointment is that with Burroughs now behind bars that help could come too little, too late.

Burroughs is expected to have a bond hearing Wednesday.