Trotting for a Good Cause

As kids across the area prepare for their week off for Thanksgiving, students at Newton County Elementary went outside for an hour at a time to walk, play, and get some exercise. Students took to the walking track at East Central Community College to reinforce the healthy habit of exercise.

Tonette Cochran, physical education teacher at Newton County Elementary, says, "We're having our fourth annual turkey trot, just an event for the kids to get out, understand the importance of being healthy, getting exercise, and hope they will form a lifelong love of exercise."

Students were able to walk around the track jamming to music and walk with their parents.

"Parents love to come out. They can also check their kids out after they leave here. They can go take them home if they would like, and I think the parents just like to come out and spend time with their children," Cochran tells us.

Not only is the annual turkey trot a great way to learn about a healthy lifestyle and spend time with parents, it's also a way to give back to those who are in need.

"We're raising money for the Blair E. Batson Hospital in Jackson, the children's hospital," Cochran says. "We sold t-shirts, and the proceeds from there are going to the hospital, and we're also taking up donations today for the hospital. We're also doing a can food drive for Care Lodge in Meridian. Students have been bringing cans to school all week, and they're also bringing them today to the turkey trot."

After their time on the walking track was done, students and parents enjoyed a cold bottle of water and healthy snacks.