Two Additional Suspects Arrested in Kidnapping Case

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Kemper County, Miss.

Two additional suspects have been arrested in connection with the kidnapping of a Kemper County child.

Kemper County Sheriff James Moore says the two female suspects were charged with kidnapping Friday in federal court.

One is the secretary at East Kemper Elementary School, Wanda Faye Dancy, 51, and the other is a relative of Jesse Pollard, Shamarius Ruffin, age 25.

Pollard, a former teacher and well-known member of the community, was charged in federal court Thursday with planning the kidnapping of 6-year old Jashayla Hopson, who was taken from East Kemper Elementary School Tuesday.

Pollard's sisters were in court Thursday and proclaimed her innocence outside of the courthouse.

Moore told Newscenter 11 that Kemper County investigators spent the past twenty-four hours questioning Ruffin and Dansby. One was arrested Thursday night and the other Friday.

"You start looking at the motive behind this, which was the property there," said Moore. "So we start looking at the family and friends and that led us to look at these people very closely."

Sheriff Moore says investigators have now been able to determine who actually took little Jashayla Hopson from the school, but they are not going to release that information yet.

Moore says there are a couple other persons of interest in this case. However, they are not being charged at this time.

Shamarius Ruffin
Wanda Dancy