Two Arrested During Home Burglary

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Meridian, Miss. "I got up out of my bed, came to the door, and looked out, and happened to see 2 police cars, and one was down the street, so I said 'What's going on?'"

Holly Marshall soon found out exactly what was going on right across the street from her house, when Meridian Police brought 20 year old Gerry Hill and a 17 year old male out of a house suspected of burglarizing it. Captain Dean Harper with the Meridian Police says that the warmer weather can help contribute to a spike in burglaries.

"A lot of people will crack that window open to get a breeze through the house, and that's exactly what that burglar is looking for when he's coming through casing that neighborhood. Remember that it only takes about 2 minutes for that burglar to come in through the window, grab whatever they can find, and get back out the back door."

Captain Harper says that many of the criminals that commit these types of crimes don't want any confrontation with the homeowners. They simply just want what is inside the house, so they will go through great lengths to make sure that no one is at home before entering.

"An individual down the road has been casing the house for a while and knows they're gone. First they'll come to the front and knock on the front door just to see if anybody's home. They'll do that a couple of times, then they'll go around to the back and kick in."

Both Harper and Marshall credit concerned citizens and neighbors keeping a watchful eye on each other to the arrest.

"It's really important for those neighbors, when they see somebody in the neighborhood that doesn't belong there, that doesn't live there, to call the police and say there's suspicious behavior going on. There's someone in my neighborhood that I don't recognize."

"The neighbors, we're going to look out for each other. We watch out for each other, so that's why he saw them and was able to call."