Two Attempted Kidnappings in Meridian

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Something very unusual for Meridian happened over the weekend, an attempted kidnapping. But not just once, twice, in two separate locations, with two separate victims. Meridian Police Chief James Reed says that this is just a coincidence.

"Both suspects are white males, but they do not appear to be related at this time."

These two attempts featured a white male trying to pickup a young white female in a residential area in two different parts of the city. There has been one other attempted kidnapping in the city recently, but it it was a little bit different.

"We did have a third previous incident which as you know we reported wherein the individual happened to be an older white male and was sitting in the area of Magnolia School, and the targets were young black females."

You can help protect yourself from these kinds of things by traveling in groups, staying in well lit areas, and not talking to strangers.

"I encourage the community to come forward with any information relevant to these two, and or any information about other individuals who may be out trying to kidnap or pickup young females."

Reed hopes that these two cases will be solved soon and wants the people of Meridian to feel safe near their homes.