Two Festivals Saturday In Stonewall

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Not one, but two big festivals took place in the small town of Stonewall today. The first was the 7th Annual Come Home to Stonewall Day. It featured a museum and festival full of food, singing, and crafts.

"Come home to Stonewall Day is mainly for the people that were in the school to come home to. We have a museum in there for them," said Vallie Molony with the Stonewall Historic Society.

Margaret Buckley comes just about every year from Enterprise, and enjoys looking at everything the vendors have to offer. She especially likes the food.

"I think it's an interesting thing to do. You get to be with people and see the crafts other people make, and see the talent of other people and find good food down here."

That good food includes chicken on a stick, rib sandwiches, pecan pies, and kettle corn. The good business keeps the vendors coming back.

Lenesae Field with Kountry Kettle Korn says that, "We have a lot of customers that come here every year, particularly the ones that come back home are waiting for us to come, so we have very good people that come."

Christy's Fine Foods held their 2nd Annual Cultural Arts and Crafts Event right down the street. Like Stonewall Day, they also had good food, arts, and crafts. They say their festival continues their mission of trying to revitalize Stonewall.

"We are actually trying to bring our revitalization of our community and we feel that this is where everybody comes together as they have today. We have had a really good crowd today," said Carol Williams with Christy's Fine Foods.

Christy's hopes to join with Stonewall Day for one large festival next year.