Two Meridian City Council Members Prepare for Runoffs

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Meridian, Miss.

Tuesday's primary results show that Meridian's City Council could be in for quite a change. Two longtime council members, Ward 2's Mary Perry and Ward 4's Jesse Palmer Sr. are now facing stiff competition against political newcomers who beat them in their respective races. Both say that they plan to increase their campaign activity over the next two weeks to match that of their competitors.

Palmer says, "I made a mistake. I decided to just get the message out there to people, as opposed to personally going to their homes and so forth, and this time around I'll change all of that, because just being there and having people see me will be of a great help."

Perry says, "I did not use television before because I felt people knew me from having been on the council every month twice a month, so I didn't use television, but I plan to use TV, radio, and other media to get the vote out."

On Wednesday both Kim Houston and Randy Hammon said that if they were elected, they would welcome support from any current council members that retained their seat and from ones that they took over from. Palmer and Perry both agree, saying that while they hope to keep their seats, they want what's best for the city.

"I've been looking for someone and offered to give them and show them the book that governs our government," said Palmer.

"Everybody who knows me personally knows that I don't hold grudges. I don't try to not help you because you got something and I didn't. If you need the help, you get it," said Perry.

The winner of Ward 2's race will take that seat outright as there is no other competition, while the winner of Ward 4's runoff will face Independent candidate Thomas Everett Hopson in the general election.