Two Students Killed in Wreck

Choctaw County, Ala. A West Alabama school and community are mourning the loss of two students. The two brothers were killed in a car crash Friday afternoon. Both were laid to rest today.

A steady line of people of all ages streamed into the funeral service Monday morning for the two brothers. Colton Lovelace, age 17, and his younger brother, 15-year-old Cameron were both killed in the crash just before three Friday afternoon. The accident happened off Choctaw County Road 8 very close to the teens' home.

"Our kids are very disturbed by it," says SCHS Assistant Principal Celester Bolden. "Colton and Cameron were loved here at this school and when I received the news I had to pull over."

In light of the crash, 20 counselors were on hand at the start of school Monday at Southern Choctaw High.

"We have called a number of local pastors. All of the counselors have been great about coming to serve us this morning," says Bolden.

Unfortunately, he says that this is not the first time that Southern Choctaw High has dealt with this type tragedy.

"This is the fourth time in three years that we've had to deal with the death of one of our students. We're at the point now where it feels like we're losing too many children due to accidents, but we have no control over it."

In 2011 William Brewer died in a school bus crash while returning home from an away football game. Last year another student died in a car crash, and the two Lovelace brothers are now added to the list.

"Oh, oh, they were fun kids," says Bolden. "They were fun kids. We loved them. They were baseball players. Every time that you could see them they'd have smiles on their faces. They loved working in the Ag Shop. They loved working with people. These were just two of our cool guys here in school."

Grief counselors are expected to remain at Southern Choctaw High for as long as needed. Cameron was a sophomore there, and Colton was a junior.