U.S. Senator Visits Alabama Businesses

U.S. Senator Richard Shelby visited Livingston as his third stop on a tour across all 67 of Alabama's counties. At each stop, he takes the time to learn about a local business and explore the challenges it faces.

"I learn a lot by visiting and seeing because we make decisions in Washington that affect these businesses, and we should never try to do any harm. We should be trying to promote business, which promotes jobs," the senator says.

Senator Shelby's tour in Sumter County covered a business that has evolved over several decades: Prystup Packaging Products.

Prystup is a family business that's grown from just a few family members to now employing over 100. And Senator Shelby says it's that type of industry that's very representative of what we love to see grow in America.

Now Prystup is continuing to expand with an additional 90,000 square feet that will open employment opportunities for up to 50 new workers. Senator Shelby says their growing company can help him understand what changes need to be made to facilitate job growth, not only in Alabama, but everywhere.

"If they're challenged here in Alabama from different regulatory process, too much regulation, too much taxes, which is a no-job atmosphere, then it's probably that way all of the United States of America," Senator Shelby says.

CEO Leslie Prystup walked the senator throughout the building explaining the inner-workings of his family's business.

"I've always been impressed with the senator, I've voted for him for a lot of years. He visits every county once a year, and I admire him for doing that," Prystup says.

Senator Shelby says seeing the growth of industries like Prystup in his home state makes him feel proud and hopeful for the future.

"Some people say America is lost, but if we create the atmosphere where businesses will thrive to create jobs, we're creating the future for our children," he says.