United Way Reaches 85%

The United Way of East Mississippi is closer to its million dollar goal for the year.

The agency is now at the 85% mark. It moved up the marker on its thermometer Friday.

United Way set the highest-ever local fundraising goal of $1 million. But there's only a week left until the campaign deadline.

The agency says you could be the one to put it over the top.

"If you happen to be the lucky person who puts us over, if you're the check that puts us over a million dollars, we're going to put you on television right here putting in the last bit of our thermometer for the 100% of our goal," said campaign chairman Greg Bott. "We'd like to honor you that way. The rest of our community has really come out and supported us this year."

United Way says small gifts from many people will hit the goal easily.

You may call United Way at 601-693-2732 to find out how to submit your donation, or donate online. A link is provided below.