Upcoming Tax Free Weekend for Back to School

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Meridian, Miss. One of the biggest back to school shopping events is right around the corner. This Friday and Saturday most back to school items under $100 will be tax free, this weekend only. Certain items like jewelry and accessories do not qualify to be tax free, as well as school supplies. Clothing, like school uniforms are eligible, but not sporting equipment like cleats. For families with a lot of kids, tax free weekend is a blessing.

Doyle Pierce, a sales person at the Liberty Shop says, "It's great for people wanting to save a little money on back to school things, which we are specializing in now. We have everything the kids need from pants to shirts to hoodies to jackets, anything in school wear for boys and girls, we've got it."

Some local stores, like the Liberty Shop, have $99.99 special package deals, which make it easier to get shirts and pants for any age child.

"We do have a package deal," says Pierce. "Starts with the little kids with 5 shirts and 4 bottoms, mid-kids from size 8 to 20, 4 shirts and 4 bottoms, and the teens or young adults is 4 shirts and 3 bottoms."

The savings can add up very quickly, especially if you have multiple children in school.

"This is great for people because on that $99.99 package you save seven dollars," says Pierce. "So if you got 3 or 4 kids, that’s some good savings."

Enterprise, Crenshaw, and Heidelberg are the Mississippi towns that are not participating in the sales tax free weekend.

The items exempt from sales tax during the Sales Tax Holiday are identical to those items exempt in prior years.

Clothing and footwear items, meant to be worn next to the body and cost less than $100 per item, are exempt from sales tax during this period.

Accessories such as jewelry, handbags, wallets, watches, backpacks, and similar items do not qualify for the Sales Tax Holiday.

Cleats and items worn in conjunction with an athletic or recreational activity are other sample items not eligible.

School supplies and computers are not included.