Violent Standoff Ends in Tragedy

Emmanuel Wooten
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Meridian, Miss. It was nearly two days between the time officers say Emmanuel Wooten opened fire on them and led them through a chase in Toomsuba and this violent standoff. Now according to law enforcement officers, family members released his recent whereabouts to authorities, which led to a three hour standoff on 8th Avenue and 19th Street.

"We had information relayed to us by family members that he was at this location," said Lauderdale County Sheriff Billy Sollie. "There was a third person who had came out of the house early this morning to verify he was in the house as well as a female who was later taken hostage"

During the course of the three hour standoff, law enforcement spoke to Wooten using a megaphone and called for him to come out unarmed, with his hands in the air and nothing would happen. During that time, Wooten released his cousin, followed by his girlfriend whom he was holding hostage.

"We set up a hard perimeter around the house. The one male individual left the house and was taken into custody," said Sollie. "He provided us with information to verify the individual was in the house as well as a female. We continued communications with the individual in the house via text messages"

With hostages released, law enforcement officials threw tear gas into the dwelling, this was followed with three shots from Wooten. When Wooten did emerge from the front door about 12:40 PM, he came out shooting and law enforcement returned fire. An ambulance was ready, but within minutes Wooten was pronounced dead.

"I have notified the coroner and he has confirmed that Emmanuel Wooten has passed away," said Sollie. "The investigation here at the location will be conducted by the Mississippi Bureau of Investigations. Their crime scene team is on their way now."