Update on Jailed Meridian Missionary

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Candi Dunlap has been in a Macedonian jail for about two weeks, since her arrest as she was trying to leave the country with some rare coins. Dunlap is accused of smuggling, but she says she had no idea the coins were rare or illegal to take from the country.

Candi's husband, Marc, says he's pleased with how things went in the court hearing.

In a post on the Facebook page, Prayers for Candi, Marc Dunlap said that his wife was able to answer questions and make statements about what happened.

Candi Dunlap said the coins were given to her and she had no idea it was illegal to take them out of the country. she was actually arrested after showing the coins to custom agents.

After the hearing, the judge announced he would make a ruling at noon, Macedonian time, Friday. Her husband and family, as well as the fellow members at Fifteenth Avenue Baptist Church, and people all over the country continue to hope and pray for her safe release.

In the meantime. Cong. Gregg Harper and Sen. Roger Wicker have both said they are doing everything they can to help her get out as soon as possible.

According to the Prayers for Candi Facebook page, t-shirts are now being sold in support of Dunlap. For more information, visit the page. A link is provided below.