Vandalism Hits Local Business Over the Holiday

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Meridian, Miss Many in the area got Friday off to celebrate the fourth of July, however, crime didn't take a day off. An act of major vandalism took place just off highway 39 the night of the fourth.

Scott Carmichael, the President of Miss South Properties says "There was not a window left standing in the vehicle. They had thrown cinder blocks on the hood and just tried anything they could to damage it. Like i said there was nothing in there to steal, they were just doing it to do it."
(Will): your gas tank is open; did they steal your gas?
"They may have stolen the gas, it looks like they were trying to light the truck on fire."

Fireworks were scattered around the van, many of which were pulled out of the gas tank. Carmichael doesn't believe there was reason to the madness, but rather misguided youth.

He added "Purely an act of vandalism, Its kids who have no purpose what so ever, and no one watching them. They just ran wild and did a lot of damage."

Carmichael is upset to see how things have been going in the city. He shared with me how things used to be when he was growing up here, how he used to ride his bike around town, something that wouldn't be safe to do now.

Carmichael says "I think it’s just a sad situation. This town used to be one of the greatest places in the world. I grew up here and have lived all over, but i came back to raise a family. It's just sad to me that it’s come to this."

With crime rates still going up, he says that it's time for change, that it's time to save meridian.

He went on to say "There is no respect for anybodies property or, in the case of what’s going on around town, respect for anybody's life. You know this place has changed and it needs to change back. We need to bring our city back, we need to fix it.”