Vendors Report Low Fireworks Sales for 4th of July

The fireworks were booming Thursday night, but firework sales weren't quite as hot.

Firework sales saw an increase on whole, but it was a small one. That number differs from store to store. Salesmen have found that anything can have an impact on firework sales, whether it's the economy or even the weather. Too much rain can put a damper on firework sales, but the damp Independence Day we had this year meant conditions were much safer for shooting fireworks. Many people took advantage of that.

"Last year it was a lot drier down here, and sales weren't as good," according to Steve Sheldon at Hale's Fireworks in Marion. "I think the economy had something to do with that last year, but this year was totally different. "

When the economy began to drop, firework sales saw an all-time low. However, they've steadily climbed forward over the past few years.