Veteran's Day Celebration Planned for Decatur and ECCC

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Decatur has been planning something big for the past few months, a Veterans Day Celebration of Freedom. Sid Etie is on the planning committee and says that they got the idea for the celebration by looking at the one that was held in Decatur 12 years ago.

"At that time it was to raise funds to support the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C., and they raised over $30,000 to support the building of that memorial, so we're trying to emulate that to some degree."

The morning will kick off with a parade through downtown Decatur featuring high school bands and veterans, but the big celebration will take place that afternoon at East Central's football stadium. Although this Celebration of Freedom is being held in conjunction with veterans day, Etie says it's for everyone who's served.

"We're not just recognizing veterans, we're recognizing all men and woman that wore the United States uniform, whether they enlisted yesterday, or they were in World War II. This country's free today because of these veterans."

Right now East Central's football stadium is empty, but organizers hope it will be packed come Noon on Saturday, November 10th for the concert and Veteran's Day celebration ceremony.

If you want to purchase a balloon in honor or memory of a veteran you can fill out the form available online at