Veterans Day Service Honors All Who Have Served

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Dozens of Veterans and area residents gathered for a Veterans Day service in downtown Meridian that touched on the importance of always taking time to pay tribute to those who have made sacrifices both in the past and now.

The special salute was held at the Doughboy Monument on Sunday morning to honor all veterans, regardless of where or when they served. Those attending the service say we can't do enough to recognize those who fought for our freedom.

"First of all, it's an honor," Air Force Veteran Bill John said. "Second of all, it's a privilege and a duty. Anyone that has been in the service, regardless of what branch, is feeling a special feeling in their heart."

But there are certain privileges that are sometimes easy to take for granted. Without those who have served, life would be very different.

"We just had a national election," Lauderdale County Veterans Day Committee representative Bob Gray said. "And without the men and women that have gone before us, we wouldn't have had that right to vote."

Many of those attending Sunday's service said they decided to skip church because they felt it was important to properly honor the occasion.