Veterans Learn about Benefits at Aldersgate Seminar

Meridian, Mississippi Aldersgate Retirement Community hosted a veterans benefits seminar Tuesday afternoon.

The event offered veterans in this area a chance to learn about several different benefits that they could receive. County and Mississippi representatives provided information on service and non-service connected benefits along with many others.

"For some of these benefits, the veterans and their family members may not be aware of some of the benefits," Chuck Holifield, the outreach coordinator for the Mississippi Veterans Affairs Board.

"I was just fortunate to be able to help my father apply for veterans benefits, whereas he considered it red tape, it was one of the most rewarding experience opportunities I've had with my dad," said Marsha Hannah, the community marketing director for Aldersgate.

If you were not able to attend the session, you can find the information at or call 601-576-4850.