Victim Identified in Sunday House Fire

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Lauderdale County, Miss. Flames were shooting out of a house at 616 Old Country Club Road East as firefighters from Marion, Russel, Northeast, Bailey, and Lauderdale attempted to bring the blaze under control. Lauderdale County Fire Service Coordinator Allan Dover says half of the house was fully involved when they arrived and it took them quite a while to contain the fire before it was safe for the firefighters to enter the house.

"We put it under control within about 2 hours of arriving on scene, but we were still on scene approximately another hour and a half to 2 hours afterwards to finish mopping it up."

Upon entering they found the resident of the house, 76 year old Cosey Moore, deceased in a hallway, at which point Lauderdale County Coroner Clayton Cobler was called to the scene. One other person was taken by ambulance to a Meridian hospital for an injury related to the fire.

"We suspect highly that the cause of death will be smoke inhalation due to the house fire. She became disoriented, overcome by smoke, and collapsed, and then subsided from there."

"There was one other subject that had cut his foot in an attempt to try and get her out before the fire department got here. My understanding is that he was transported for a laceration to the foot."

The Marion Fire Department continued to extinguish hot spots Monday morning, and Cobler hopes to have preliminary autopsy results by Thursday while Dover, along with members of the Lauderdale County Fire Service and the State Fire Marshal investigate what exactly caused the fire.