Volunteer Programs Impacted by Proposed Budget Cuts

Meridian, Miss.

President Obama has unveiled his nearly $4 trillion budget for 2015, but some of the funding cuts could hit local volunteer programs hard.

The director of Lauderdale County's Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) says the agency would lose nearly $64,000 in federal funding if the budget is approved.

The president's proposal makes major changes in the umbrella agency for RSVP, Foster Grandparents and the Senior Companion programs.

RSVP director, Diana Glover says it would have a major impact on volunteerism in our community:

"We have over 150 volunteers here that do over 36,000 hours of community service each year," said Glover. "We help 14 different local agencies meet their goals by using some of our volunteers to help them out."

RSVP also gets about a third of its budget from united way. Glover says the cuts would take effect in about a year, and she's already looking for other funding options.