Volunteers Clean Inside of Threefoot Building

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Meridian, Miss. One small step for man, one giant leap for a meridian icon. The Threefoot Preservation Society was finally given permission to begin cleaning the iconic Meridian landmark. A task they were all to eager to begin. This is only a small first step, cleaning the exterior and first floor. However, Elliot Street believes it will lead to cleaning of all floors and eventually restoration of the building.

Amos Jones stresses how important what the Threefoot Preservation Society is doing. Amos says it's in the worst shape its ever been in, but thanks to the Threefoot Society it will be in better shape tomorrow.

Walking through the building is like taking a trip in time. Documents that date back to 1936, original blueprints, and business cards lay scattered on the ground. The building itself was constructed just before the Great Depression, and so was built with the best materials available at the time. The tiles used in the building can't be reproduced and so are one of a kind. The architecture is that of the art-deco style, which may not sound like much, but its the same style architecture used on another iconic building, the Empire State Building

For more information on the Threefoot Preservation Society, you can search for the group on Facebook.