Voter Registration Ends

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With over 44,000 registered voters in Lauderdale County, the Circuit Clerk's Office has been extremely busy over the past few days registering new voters, and making sure everything is in order for today's voter registration deadline.

"We've had over 100 people to come in this Saturday morning, and we had over 300 come in on Friday. A lot of people were changing their addresses, but most of it was new voter registration for Lauderdale County, and people knew about the deadline so that was good."

September was voter registration month, and Lauderdale County Circuit Clerk Donna Jill Johnson put out a PSA about how to register. She credits that, and other advertising for the large amount of people coming in to register to vote.

"The media is wonderful, especially WTOK to help us educate the voters that there was a deadline approaching and people were interested in the selection and we've been getting phone calls, and again talking to the neighbors and with the debate being this week, I think it had a lively impact on people coming in and wanting to register to vote."

The Circuit Clerk's office is mailing out voter registration cards every other day, so if you recently registered to vote you should be receiving yours soon. Johnson also wants to stress that you do not need to show ID at the polls when you go to vote.

"You do not have to have voter ID to vote at the polls. Your voter registration card many times helps the poll worker identify you in the poll book and to make sure that you're at the proper precinct."

The election will be held on November 6th,