Voters and Candidates Take Part in Primary

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Meridian, Miss.

Meridian's Democratic and Republican candidates have spent the last few months putting out signs, campaigning door to door, and making phone calls in an effort to win their primary and make it to June's general election. All of the mayoral and city council candidates were out in full force making one final push to secure last minute votes.

Jamie Peavy, Barry's campaign manager, says, "We need to make sure that we get everybody out to the polls who need rides, so we're making phone calls and going to the polling places."

Tim Quick, a member of Percy Bland's campaign team, says, "People are going around to all the different places and carrying signs and encouraging people to vote. We're down here calling people, and we're just trying to put out as big a vote as we can in this primary election."

They were hoping to appeal to all voters, including ones like first time voter Sonya Pascley. A relatively new Meridian resident, Pascley felt compelled to vote in this election because she feels that each and every vote matters, and that it only takes one to make a difference.

"I feel that with me moving to this area, that I could make a difference, that one vote could make a difference to better the area. I just feel that it's going to make a difference."

Members of both campaigns also stress that getting out and voting, even if it's not for their candidate, is important.

Bland's Quick believes that, "The main objective in this election is to get everybody to exercise your right to vote."

Barry's campaign member Sinnessa Wilburn agrees and says, "It's important that everyone exercise their civic duty and God-given right today."

Winners of Tuesday's primaries will face each other plus Independent candidates in the general election on June 4th.