Vowell Talks Neshoba County Economic Development

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David Vowell with Community Development Partnership in Neshoba County admits it has been tough recruiting industry to the county in recent years. He says he hopes the complete expansion of Highway 19 will help with recruiting.

"The quicker we can get that where we have the connection to Meridian and to I-20 and 59 and all the things this area provides, then it will make some of our recruiting better."

Thursday was the grand opening for Kemposits. It's the newest company to locate in the tech-park on the Choctaw Indian Reservation. The company manufactures items such as eco-friendly walk-in bath tubs and already has around three dozen employees.

"They are already producing the parts," Vowell says. "Within 2 weeks, they expect to bring the first tub off the line. And, they actually have about four months of orders that they're behind on that they're working to get that lined up."

Vowell says Neshoba County's partnership with Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians and Pearl River Resort has been a special one. Vowell tells Newscenter 11 that it all started years ago under the late Chief Phillip Martin.