Vowell's Marketplace Area Increasing Surveillance

Helen Vance says she's been buying groceries from this building for 27 years. Her son had just left Vowell's Marketplace on Sunday only a few minutes before Billy Putnam was murdered in this very parking lot.

"I'm not fearful, but when you hear something like that, right in daylight hours, right in front of a grocery store, it makes you think a lot about whether you want to get out, what time of the day and go up into that parking lot to that store," Vance says.

Vance is one of many customers who say Sunday's tragedy was an eye-opener... that safety is always a concern.

"It really upset me because this is my favorite place to shop," shopper Tammy Fulkerson says. "I shop here every Thursday. It's bad when you can't come to the grocery store, especially an elderly person, and buy flowers for your wife."

That's why Vowell's and Anytime Fitness have teamed up to intensify security in the area, and help customers and employees feel safe.

"In light of what happened the other day, we both realized we need to have someone on location at all times to start protecting all of the people that are coming in and out every single day," April Foley, general manager of Anytime Fitness, says.

The stores are bringing in a security guard who will patrol the lot throughout the evening. And they're adding extra surveillance cameras around the area. Vowell's owner says security can't solve the problem of people who want to do bad things, but it can run them somewhere else.

"It's sad the way young people are killing people. They just need protection," shopper Perry McWilliams says.