Winston Medical Center Looks Ahead

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Louisville, Miss. In one of the biggest tornadoes to date, the City of Louisville was leveled in some places and barely scathed in others. One of the locations to receive some of the damage was Winston Medical Center. While not completely demolished, the building did receive some damages. Although it is still structurally sound, the damage is evident as you walk through the halls of the hospital according to Interim Administrator Paul Black.

"Structurally, we're in pretty good shape right now," said Black. "Inside it's basically if you could, you see where wind goes through a place and all the roofing and everything goes down. A lot of broken glass, a lot of water, and a lot of insulation flying around. It's just not pretty."

Black says two clinics on the other side of the hospital are almost devastated with the roofs half gone and a wall missing off of one of the buildings. Although the total cost of the damage is unknown, the hospital is already looking into options to continue to provide healthcare to residents.

"We're looking at a lot of different options," said Black. "We're hoping that in the very near future we'll be able to announce something about bringing healthcare back to Winston County."

Black says if hospital officials do decide to move back into the building, it could take anywhere from 12 to 18 months to complete. In the meantime, healthcare is still available to citizens whether mobile or in other clinics.

"From a healthcare standpoint, we've got an emergency trailer from UMC at the Walmart parking lot," said Black. "We've got Dr. Peters and Dr. Suttle right now working out of the Main Street Clinic on Main Street. We have a clinic that was not hurt in Noxapater and Dr. Ard and his nurse practitioner are working out there."

The good news out of this, is everyone got out of the hospital safely with only one patient suffering a laceration to his scalp.