WLMS Students Visit Fire Station

Meridian, Miss. Seventh graders from West Lauderdale Middle School visited Meridian's Central Fire Station to learn more about the science of firefighting.

As part of Fire Safety Month activities, students have been learning all about fire prevention. They visited the station to get a more hands-on experience as part of the new Common Core standards.

They took a tour of the station and saw what kinds of gear firefighters use. Fire marshal, Jason Collier, says it's important to educate children about fire safety.

"Kids learn about fire safety at a young age when we get around to daycare and kindergarten, but it gets driven home more when they're older," said Collier. "They kind of remember the stuff that they learned a long time ago and they can refresh their memory and get to see it firsthand instead of just hearing about it."

Collier adds that every home should have a fire safety plan and practice fire drills on a regular basis.