WTOK 60th Anniversary, Part 2

Founded in 1953, over the years the faces on and off camera at WTOK have changed, but employees' dedication to the community remains the same. Nestled in the heart of downtown Meridian, WTOK has welcomed many first. A pioneer for one of those was Alexia Rushing who served as the first anchor for Good Morning Meridian. For 8 years she remained as a staple in that position until she left to pursue a higher education.

"I mean we were all family here, and I think it's because we were all here for a long time; it's kind of like we grew up together. I run across people today who ask me about Good Morning Meridian, and many times they will say, 'Oh, you were the babysitter for my son,' and then I'll say, 'Well, I started Good Morning Meridian when I was 12 because it was so long ago that I just can't believe how many people remember the show." says Rushing.

Over the years the WTOK staff has shared many moments of family and fun. Honoring those at WTOK who have served and continue to serve the community, we also thank our loyal viewers for making our Diamond Anniversary one to remember.