WTOK Food Drive Donations to be Distributed by MCCSA

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Meridian, Miss. Over the weekend, hundreds of people wanting to help showed up to Cashsaver and Vowell's Market to donate bags, upon bags of non-perishable food as part of WTOK's food drive, and Monday morning, all of that food was delivered to the Multi-County Community Service Agency. Mary Atterberry with the MCCSA says the first thing that comes to her mind when she sees the amount of donations, is thanks.

"First, we want to say Thank You to WTOK and the vendors that provided this food, and the community that was able to purchase the food for the needy."

With the area still recovering from the recession, the number of those in need is still up, but Atterberry says that you answered the call, and now they will be able to ensure that at least 200 families have food on the table for Thanksgiving.

"Because of the economy, everybody is hurting, so to speak for assistance, so there is a great need."

The food will be distributed Tuesday morning at the MCCSA, located at 2900 St. Paul Street in Meridian beginning at 9:00 AM. It will be first come, first served, and the distribution process will be quick and easy.

"We would love for them to have a picture ID. We will have a very, very simple application because it is going to be one per household, so they would just need to come, and the food will go as far as it can."