Walk for Justice at Bonita Lakes

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The local chapter of the NAACP held a Walk for Justice on Monday evening to draw attention to the deaths of Trayvon Martin in Florida and James Anderson in Jackson.

NAACP officials say the walk was actually not just centered around Martin and Anderson, as they say the walk was for all victims of crime. However, the two cases did not go unnoticed Monday night.

President John C. Harris said the Walk for Justice was a non-confrontational and non-aggressive walk to encourage citizens to be informed, involved, as well as to promote fitness. Harris stressed it was not a protest.

Harris told us the event was for all citizens, regardless of race, and a chance to walk for your loved one who has been a victim of injustice, an unsolved crime, or any other unfair treatment. Harris said negative or argumentative behavior would not be tolerated this evening as participants seek justice for everyone regardless of race, socio-economic background or religious belief.