Waller Campaigns in Meridian

Chief Justice Bill Waller, Jr.

The presidential race is not the only race that Mississippi voters will have a say in this Tuesday.

Voters will also settle a Mississippi Supreme Court race. The current Chief Justice of Mississippi's Supreme Court, William Waller, Jr., is running against Earle Banks. Banks, who is a current state representative, has criticized Waller for accepting PAC money for his campaign, which is legal. Waller says accepting this type donation is the nature of campaigns, because they must be paid for. Waller made a campaign stop here this weekend.

"The people of Meridian and Lauderdale County are wonderful, wonderful people," Waller said. "I'm just talking about my 15 years on the Supreme Court and all the things we've done with electronic courts, drug courts, and saving the taxpayers money, and just trying to spread the word and enjoy the good weather."

Waller was sworn in as Chief Justice in January 2009.