Meridian City Leader Meet and Greet

Meridian, Miss. Ward 4 Councilwoman Kim Houston hosted a community meet and greet with Meridian city leaders at the Council of Organizations building in Meridian Tuesday night. Meridian Mayor Percy Bland and Police Chief James Lee, along with three council members introduced themselves and shared their visions and goals for the city. Officials from non-profit organizations also talked about their services. Community members were able to submit questions to a panel of city leaders. Councilwoman Houston said the event is designed to make city leaders approachable and help keep the public informed.

"We want to get the community involved to help us make a difference in our city and we are going to begin here in ward 4 and hopefully that will spill over into the entire city," said Ward 4 Councilwoman Kim Houston.

Those in attendance could submit questions for the next forum which will take place in Ward 2 some time next month.