Ward Two Plans/Grant Search

If Ward Two Councilman Dustin Markham has his way some new additions will soon be on their way to his district.

"There are community development block grants. There are training facility block grants that we can use to expand the Velma Young Center into a mecca for things within that community. So, that we can have more things there just like there are things that go on in the Frank Cochran Center," says Markham.

In recent years Ward Two, which is in East Meridian, has had some of the highest numbers in the city for crime and abandoned houses. Markham projects that expanding the Velma Young Center and securing funding and volunteers for two other projects will significantly help improve conditions within the area.

"I would like to see a Planet Playground type co-op or initiative in Ward Two in the East End Community, kind of like the one in the Northeast Complex. That Planet Playground out there was put together by professionals and volunteers. Some of the materials were donated. That's something I think that we need to do as well in this community."

Then there's the Magnolia Ballpark which sits next to Magnolia school. Councilman Markham says he plans to work closely with the county to bring that park up to standard.

"'Magnolia Baseball Field does not have adequate restroom facilities. Kids and parents have to use port-a-potties. That's unacceptable in 2013. We need to have a facility that accentuates that field and allows the parents and children to have a place to use the bathroom."

The proposed concession stand for Magnolia Park will be equipped with restrooms. According to Markham, the estimated cost for that building is between $100,000 and $120,000. He says the amount of time it takes to accomplish the three projects will depend on how quickly funding for them can be secured.