Ware Asks to be Appointed Mayor

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Hattiesburg, Mississippi Lawyers for independent candidate Dave Ware are asking specially appointed Judge William Coleman to uphold a verdict that would have made him mayor of Hattiesburg.

The Hattiesburg American reports that the Ware motion filed Friday takes Coleman to task for requiring the jurors to vote in open court. The motion states that it was sufficient that all 12 of them agreed that 9-3 was the jury's verdict after more than six hours of deliberation.

After jurors initially voted 9-3 to overturn Democratic incumbent Mayor Johnny DuPree's 37-vote victory, the vote tally changed to 8-4 in Ware's favor, a hung jury under Mississippi rules.

If Coleman chooses not to affirm the verdict, Ware's motion requests either a directed verdict from the judge or a new special election.