Warning about Unauthorized Salesmen

Jackson, Miss. Commissioner of Insurance and State Fire Marshal Mike Chaney says his office has received reports of unauthorized alarm system salesmen working in Mississippi.

The sale, installation and monitoring of all residential alarm systems in Mississippi are regulated by Chaney's office.

Chaney says an important part of the licensing process includes criminal background checks on those who sell and install these systems, as well as requiring these individuals to have the proper training to ensure competency.

"If someone comes to your door trying to sell an alarm system, ask to see their license and photo ID issued by the State Fire Marshal’s Office," Chaney said.

Chaney said residents should also be cautious about the following:

· Offers that promise a “free” system or claims that your current system is old, out of date or in need of an upgrade or replacement.

· Claims that your home has been chosen as a “model” home and is eligible for a free system and/or reduced monitoring fee.

· Guarantees that you will receive a reduction in your homeowner’s insurance when a system is purchased.

· Salespersons that come to your home claiming to be with your current company. Call your company and verify.

· Claims that your company has gone out of business or that your account has been purchased from your company. Call your company and verify.

· Claims of increased crime in your neighborhood. Call your local police and verify.

Residents may report information to the State Fire Marshal at 1-888-648-0877 or 601-359-1061. Chaney said if an individual acts in a suspicious manner you should contact local law enforcement authorities. If the individual is in a vehicle, write down and report the license tag number.