Warning about Vehicle Warranty Scam

A Meridian car dealership says some calls customers have been receiving are the work of a scam artist.

Nelson Hall Chevrolet says customers told the dealership that someone claiming to be from Chevrolet or General Motors contacted them about their vehicle warranties expiring. In most cases, the customers are elderly and have new vehicles.

Sales department representative Bo Hawkins says one customer was scammed for $4500.

"And we were able through a lot of work to get it reversed on his credit card," said Hawkins. "And some local businesses have been called with this same call. But we just want to let the public know that this is a scam. And your dealership nor your manufacturer is going to call you about an extended warranty."

Hawkins says he's aware of this scam in Lauderdale and Clarke counties but it could happen anywhere. He advises owners of any make of car to check with their dealership first if they get this kind of call...And not to buy anything in this way.