Wayne County Storm Damage

Wayne County, Miss. At least twelve tornadoes affected twenty Mississippi counties Monday. One county that was affected by severe weather at that time is Wayne County where 41 homes were heavily damaged or destroyed. Twenty-eight families were displaced and 200 other structures impacted in some way. Those include the county's 911 center.

"The 911 center took a direct hit by a bolt of lightening," says Wayne County Public Information Officer, Joseph Dunlap. "It knocked out some radio systems; damaged a bunch of the computers, and harmed a lot of the equipment."

Friday morning Dunlap says work to fully restore 911 service within the county continued.

Meanwhile, some families remain displaced. In fact, one owner of a house in the Holly Bush Community stayed in a tent for a short time after the storm, and time has ended for others who the Red Cross provided hotel rooms.

"Last night was the last night that the Red Cross would pay for me and my sons a room," says Catina Nettles. "I don't know what to do now.I'm going to see if I can stay with someone."

Catina Nettles daughter, Raven, also lost her home during the storm.

"We've been looking at houses right now, but it's too expensive," says Raven Rhodes."I don't know what to do."

Wayne County is one of the seven counties in Mississippi that has been declared as a federal disaster area. With this week's disaster declaration, FEMA is set to open a Disaster Recovery Center in Wayne County to further help storm victims.

"We're hoping that's going to happen within the next week," says Dunlap. "Right now, we're working to determine a location for the DRC to locate, and as soon as we know we're going to let the public know."

There were no deaths, and only minor injuries were reported in Monday's storm in Wayne County. At last check, the National Weather Service had yet to determine if the damage was caused by straight line winds or a tornado.