Waynesboro Ambush Shooting?

Waynesboro, Miss. Sunday, April 13th around 11 PM is when 20-year-old Cureon Pope was gunned down in a residential area in Waynesboro. According to Cureon's parents, their son was sitting out one semester from college, and when the shooting happened he was driving through Waynesboro with friends.

"They had been in town maybe 15 or 20 minutes," says Cureon's mother Betty Pope. "I guess they were chasing girls because he said he was chillin' and, the next thing we know somebody called and said that he had been shot."

According to residents, the vehicles that were involved in the shooting incident were traveling down Glitter Lane. The fatal victim's vehicle ultimately came to rest in a nearby church's parking lot. As we approach Mother's Day, the parents of the victims are desperately seeking answers.

"I just looked at the car, and it looked like somebody just ambushed him from the back glass and from the side of him," says Cureon's father, Gilbert Pope. "It just looks like someone ambushed him."

"The only thing that I know is that they (the gunmen) were standing like right there in the yard in front of the church waiting for them to come through," says Jackie Keyes, whose son was in Cureon's car when the shooting occurred.

According to police more than ten shots were fired during the ordeal.

"People are saying that they know stuff, but nobody is really talking and won't tell," says Betty Pope. "It's my time now, and if they don't talk and tell, it could be their child next."

"We have not forgotten about this case," says Waynesboro Police Chief Oscar Lewis. "We are actively working any and all leads associated with this case, and evidence is being processed as we speak."

Family members say that a vehicle behind Pope's car was also riddled with gunfire, but no one in that SUV was seriously hurt. Investigators have not yet released a motive in the case. Anyone with information on this shooting is asked to call the Wayne County Crimestoppers line at (601) 735-LEAD or (601) 735-2523.