"We Are One" Meetings to Inform Meridian Parents

Meridian, Miss. Community leaders and Meridian Public School officials are teaming up with a local advocacy group to get the word out to parents. Discipline will be different in their children's classrooms due to a federal order. The U.S. Department of Justice called it "a landmark decree." It's an agreement approved in May that addresses racial discrimination in Meridian's Public School District when it comes to disciplining students. Monday night, a local advocacy group that calls itself "We Are One", along with school and community leaders sponsored the first of many meetings. The gathering Monday night was at Mountain View Village. Meridian Mayor Percy Bland addressed the parents. Terrence Davis of the group "We Are One" says it's a community effort. "We're talking to our kids and our parents about the new model that’s going to be implemented this school term, "PBIS," Davis said.”Mr Haguewood, as well as school administrators, as well as our mayor, and different organizations in the community are all coming together to talk about what’s going to happen this school term."

The group will host several more meetings, at 5:00 each evening. Tomorrow night, the group will be at Eastern Gardens, and Friday at Western Gardens. Next week, there will be presentations at Frank Berry Courts, George Reese courts, and the Dentzel Carousel in Highland Park.